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How To Make Your Own Solar Panels For $200 And Slash Your Electric Bill by 50%

Solar panels that capture the abundance of energy sent to us each and every day can be just the relief we need from the high cost of electricity. It almost seems like a crime to turn our backs on this wonderful gift of more free energy than we can possibly use.

This is especially true today because it is possible to build your own solar panel with simple tools for less than $200. These homemade solar generators are capable of reducing household electricity costs by 50% or more.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

Photons, the energetic particles found in sunlight, strike the individual solar cells and bump electrons out of place. The electrons are, in effect, pushed out of the cell and into the wires that connect all the cells together. Ideally each cell will generate about .5 volts of electrical pressure. 80 solar cells wired together in one panel should generate about 100 watts of power.

The Secret Of Making Cheap Solar Panels

The secret to making an inexpensive solar panel is in scrounging low cost or free solar cells. The lower the cost of this project the faster it will pay for itself. Using your own labor to assemble free solar cells into just one panel should pay back the original costs in just a few months. Buying a brand new pre-assembled and installed panel for over a $1000 might take 5 -10 times longer.

The Parts Of The Complete Solar Panel System

Plan A: This is the simplest system. The direct current DC electrical output from the solar panel goes to a bank of deep cycle batteries for storage. The batteries are then connected to an inverter that converts the DC Current to the kind of alternating current that most household appliances require. This is then wired to directly power a specific group of appliances completely separate from the house wiring.

Plan B: Takes the above system a step further by connecting to the electrical wiring in your house at the main fuse box. Legally, this step almost always has do be performed by a certified electrician. Some power companies will actually pay you in the form of energy credits for sending excess energy back out into the grid.

Plan C: This system works completely off the grid for homes that have no electric power coming to their home at all. The key element here is to have back-up sources of power interconnected with the solar panels for supplying power on days that there is no sun. Windmill generators and gas powered generators often serve as additional sources of power.

The Advantages Of Solar Panel Systems

Besides providing almost free electricity, solar panel systems are quiet, non-polluting, low maintenance, safe and if properly weatherproofed could last up to 50 years. They can also be a life saver if you live too far from the electric grid to economically afford to extend the transmission lines to your location.

If you tie into the electric grid, it is even possible to get paid by the power companies for any electricity generated over and above your personal needs.

The Limitations Of Photovoltaic PV Systems.

Converting sunlight directly into electricity is not ideally suited for cooking or for powering electric water heaters. It is more efficient to use the thermal or heat portion of sunlight to heat water directly instead converting first to electricity then powering a heater. Electric lights, television, small appliances and even some energy efficient refrigerators can be powered by PV Solar Panels.

The Need For A Good Plan

Despite the simplicity of a building your own solar panels, it is important to have a complete set of plans. Good plans should, at the bare minimum include the following.

1. Ideally these set of plans will originate from authors that have successfully built and used solar panels themselves. 2. The plans should give a brief background of simple electrical terms like watt, volt and amps. 3. A detailed explanation of the different types of solar cells and exactly where to find them. 4. Wiring diagrams for understanding how to wire the individual cells together. 5. How to build a protective case and how to run this power into your house directly to certain appliances or to hook up to the current household wiring.

The simplicity of capturing the suns daily gift of free energy to reduce or even eliminate your electric bill is almost unbelievable. Equally amazing is the fact that we live in an age of low cost solar cells.

Is it time for you to take the energy crisis in your own hands? If so then take the easy first step of getting your hands on a good set of plans for building your own solar panels for the home.

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Home Made Energy Made Easy

We're all know that today we're living in the middle of an energy crisis. For example Our fuel sources are running low, and we're leaving an indelible mark on our environment. Luckily, there are steps that you can take to alter your energy dependency. Home made energy may well be the answer and constructing your own windmill the first step along that road, to bringing down your energy costs and reducing your carbon footprint

Once the decision has been made to embrace a home made energy approach and start building a windmill, you will need to undertake some research The first thing to establish before embarking on this home made energy plan to build your own windmill, is to gather some information about the power of the wind that blows through your property. This is called the quantum. If you've lived in your home for a fair length of time you may well You might have to do a little research on this, but it is not difficult to come up with for those with little technical knowledge. Or if not there are some very good home made energy step-by step guides available.

When you start to plan how to build your own home made energy, there is no prerequisites to use any expensive equipment, nowadays you can find a lot of inexpensive yet effective pieces of equipment on the market, you can get your home made energy project up and running for under $200, I am sure you will agree this is a really small investment when you consider the savings to be made and the reduction in your dependency on the power companies. As a matter of fact using a windmill as your home made energy project could save you up to 95% of your fuel costs.

When building a windmill as part of your home made energy plan you need to obtain a DC motor. This is probably the most important supply for your windmill project, but it is also the most expensive one. You're going to need a budget about $35 on your DC motor, but it will be the heart of your windmill's operating system so you will recoup your outlay quickly.

Depending on your individual building plan you will then need to order the remaining parts that you've determined you need. It's a great time to do this while you are waiting for your DC motor to come in.

You also need to find a recycled body for your windmill project. By finding a recycled one, you will not only be saving yourself money, but you will also be practicing the earth consciousness that you were trying to take on with your original home made energy project of building a windmill.

Once you've bought all of the supplies that you need you can begin your home made energy production of your windmill. If you get the entire family in on the act then it may only take you a few days to put it together. Not only building a windmill save you a good deal of money, but it can also help bring your family together!

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Home Made Alternative Energy - DIY Solar Panel & Wind Generator - Save Earth

Have you ever imagined that not paying for your electricity bill anymore? It is possible. By generating electricity at your home you save a lot of money. You may think it is very expensive to do that. Yes, usually it would take $2000 to get a solar power system installed at your home. But there is some way to make solar panels and wind generators with a much cheaper setup fee. It is a green renewable energy source and is very good to our environment.

DIY solar panels

You can build a great looking solar power system for as little as $200 - Simply by using parts found at your local hardware store. You can use this system to power up basically any appliance you have in your home: fridge, washing machine, computer, TVs, lights. Moreover, you can even take this with yourself when you go camping, because it's highly portable.

DIY windmill

Wind power is a very good source of electricity especially when there is a long period of cloudy days. So it is good to have a windmill too. You can build up your own windmill with as little as $100 to power up your household appliances.

Store residual electricity

One great thing for this system is that you can get your extra electricity generated be stored in batteries. This is very good that you would not waste any electricity you generated. So this is good to your pocket and environment.

If you are interested in making your own power system, you can go to the site below for more information.


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